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colic n : acute abdominal pain (especially in infants) [syn: intestinal colic]

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From the French adjective, colique, which referred to the lower part of the intestinal cavity. Prior to that it comes from the Latin, coliculus and earlier from Greek, kolik-os with the same meaning.



  1. : A term for severe pains which grip the abdomen or the disease that causes such pains (due to intestinal or bowel related problems).
  2. A medicinal plant used to relieve one of such symptoms.



Derived terms


  1. Referring to the colon.


referring to the colon

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Colic is a form of pain in the abdomen which starts and stops abruptly.


Types include:
  • Baby colic, a condition, usually in infants, characterized by incessant crying
  • Renal colic, a pain in the flank, characteristic of kidney stones
  • Biliary colic, blockage by a gallstone of the common bile duct or the duct leading into it from the gallbladder
  • Horse colic, a potentially fatal condition experienced by horses, caused by intestinal displacement or blockage
  • Devon colic, an affliction caused by lead poisoning
  • Painter's colic or lead poisoning


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